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Affirmation and personality traduce themselves in a royal elegance, made of straight lines and embedded shapes, secret spaces and unique details, between flawless sobriety and bold creativity. Infinity Ares transforms the bedroom in a personal alcove in which the shiny lacquered surfaces mix with the opacity of the fabrics, with their rough and smooth textures and with their contrasting tones shaded by soft illuminations.
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FFullness and transparency, straight lines and curved profiles, stability and balance. Ares goes through opposites in order to create new, unpredictable demonstrations.Wooden structure and fabric finishes for strong wardrobes with an distinctive style, able to reunite different textures and designed color combinations in a unique, extraordinary harmony.F

Ares traduces its martial identity in the iconic details of each furnishing. Curved and enveloping walls as a helm, solid and austere bases, unexpected strategic elements. The sustainable materials of the collection bring to life composition designed to welcome the relax with practicality and elegance. It’s the case of the beds designed to offer support and comfort in the ideal measure.

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