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Delicate luxe and natural charm combine to enchant the senses with luminous grace. Sensual curves and silky finesse are composed into the pearly tones of the shells or into the renewing chromatic variety of water. Infinity Afrodite cradles your dreams with evanescent reflections and smooth roundness, for a unique and memorable bedroom design.
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Lines that resemble sunrays, precious surfaces that reminds to the immortality of marble. Infinity Afrodite encloses the solemnity of the myth in a design born to impress. Infinity Adrodite bedroom area gives back into a new form the elegance of the classical taste. The warm and rosy tones of the dawn, the illusory fragility of the marine creatures, the statuary beauty of the divine.

The seduction is first of all ability of measuring mystery and unveiling, just as the furnishing of this bedroom area, with the alluring transparency of glass and the guarded intimacy of the wood and of the matt fabric. Wavy lines and plane surfaces, fabric finishes that resemble scales of light between the waves made to embellish the furnishing wooden elements with prestigious materials and original colors.

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