We design a unique experience

Our Mission, Vision and Values Since 1989, Adriatica designs and realises exclusive furniture, unique and innovative collections to add value to every room in your house. We take care of every step in the furniture’s fabrication to guarantee comfort and style, starting from the choice of high-quality supplies up to an exquisite design and attention to every single detail.



Since we were born, our mission has been that of guarantee 100% Made in Italy furniture with an elegant and customizable style, designed and realized to add value to your home. We have been passionately pursuing this goal for over 30 years, developing our own experience in the business.


Our vision is a continuous development towards the research of brand-new ideas, planned to satisfy the always changing living standards. We build our future focusing on cornerstones such as space versatility, attention to detail, manufacturing development, and sustainability of raw materials.

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