Our vision for a sustainable business

Let's plan a sustainable future together.

Adopting sustainable policies is the prerogative of every company today. Over the years we have increased our efforts for sustainability by continuing to invest in plant innovation to make the production process more efficient and reduce the consequent consumption of natural resources.

Adriatica cares about ESG issues: Environmental, Social and Governance, environmental, social and corporate governance factors that qualify an activity as sustainable. Combining company policies with attention to society and the environment is possible to deliver a better environment to future generations.


Towards a sustainable future

Our Sustainability Certificate is the evidence of how Adriatica is positively involved in the changing led by the ecological transition. In fact, our policies are inspired by the care of environment as well as that of people.


Environmental sustainability

The choice of sustainable manufacturing and raw materials, such as the use of watercolours and recyclable materials, are at core of innovative solutions and product lines with a low environmental impact.


We give importance to people

People are worthy for Adriatica: we take care of our customers as much as we take care of the business responsibility towards our team and coworkers.


Attentive supervision

The best way to keep one’s responsibility is to supervise it within time. For this reason, we analyse our business responsibility through an innovative model for sustainable development.